Why do you sing?

I sing to uplift and inspire others. My greatest desire is to communicate.

We have the opportunity to sing the most beautiful repertoire ever written, and do so in a way that is unique to our own personal instrument, perspective, and imagination.

According to the old Italian master Lamperti success in singing comes down to mastery of three sensibilities:

  1. Sensibility to pitch and tone
  2. Sensibility to vibration and resonance
  3. Sensibility to breathing (& posture)

The tricky thing is to figure out how to get all of these to interact together, and according to Lamperti the glue and motivation are
imagination and emotion. We gain full access to our technique through meaning, or through what Edwin Gordon refers to as “audiation”.

By exploring our musical imagination together we learn what our instruments are capable of. We gain confidence as we realize that we all have an individual special capacity for
creating beauty.

As young as middle school age (for most singers, particularly young ladies) a singer can begin using time-tested exercises to strengthen the voice. Without referring specifically to technique they can already learn the basics such as flexibly erect posture, low active breath, and more.

A foundation is laid for beautiful, healthy singing.

Even as the student learns and develops and more specific reference is made to technical adjustments, the focus is always on communication.

It is essential that all singers feel that they have something to offer. For this reason, starting at a young age my studio sings and shares with others. We perform together frequently in a wide variety of venues.